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The University of Peradeniya (Sinhalese: පේරාදෙණිය විශ්ව විද්‍යාලය, Tamil: பேராதனைப் பல்கலைக்கழகம்) is a state university in Sri Lanka, funded by the University Grants Commission. It was established as the University of Ceylon in 1942. The University of Peradeniya hosts nine faculties (including the newly added Management faculty), two postgraduate institutes, 10 centres, 73 departments, and teaches about 11,000 students in the fields of Medicine, Agriculture, Arts, Science, Engineering, Dental Sciences, Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science, Management and Allied Health Science. It claims to have the largest government endowment by a higher education institution in Sri Lanka, based on its large staff and faculties/departments.

Trailblazers 2017 by AIESEC in Kandy

Trailblazers 2017 is the first ever corporate forum organized by AIESEC in University of Peradeniya in which our intention is to create the platform for young pioneers who study in the university as undergraduates to get the exposure to...

Walk of Fame 2016

An award winning project directed at illuminating Rotary, Rotaract and Interact, and celebrating The World Interact Week, organized for the 7th successive year by the proud Interactors of the Interact club of St. Sylvesters College and the Rotaract Club...


Colombo schooled Pera Alumni's and Undergraduates' Annual Get-together 'CMBUNITE 2k16' for a better bond and for a better interaction between undergraduates, staff members and alumni members, organized by the undergraduates of University of Peradeniya was held on 10th of...

General Convocation of University of Peradeniya (set2)

General Convocation of University of Peradeniya was held on 26th of May 2016 at University of Peradeniya ©KandyZone | Stallone Lorence | Editing, reproducing and re-using the images for commercial purpose or otherwise, without permission of Kandy Zone, are strictly...

Annual Going Down Faculty of Arts University of Peradeniya

Ushan Malshika's Photo Pack Ushan Malshika   Isuru Gimhana's Photo Pack